Drain Cleaning Services in Katy

Drain Cleaning Services in KatyDrain Cleaning Services in Katy

Your 24/7 Drain Cleaning Services in Katy & Plumbing Service Specialists


That’s right, if we cannot get your drain open, then we do not deserve to get Paid. Unlike other comnies that do not show up with the proper tools and trained technicians, our goal is to provide world class service. Our entire staff is on call after 5pm and weekends to resolve any drain problem you may have.

Drain Cleaning Services in Katy

  • Our technicians are clean, never smelling like the city sewer.
  • We have invested HOURS if necessary in restoring flow to your kitchen sink, bathroom, and main drains…instead of spending 15 to 20 minutes and trying to sell you a new system.
  • We will spend the time to determine what is likely to cause your problem, then offer several options so that you can approve the price before we start the work.
  • We camera drains with our state of the art video inspection, this way we can show our clients the good , the bad, and the ugly.
  • We have saved client’s thousands of dollars, because the $99 guy told them the pipes needed to be replaced
  • Our technicians can also hydro blast any drain in your home for superior results.

For many years, Precision YLB Plumbing has been serving the homeowners and businesses with the most trusted plumbing services in the area. Providing hydro-blast to unclog drains in Katy, , our comny comprises a team of the most proficient technicians in the industry. Our clients are highly satisfied with Precisions YLB Plumbing’s unclog a drain program in Katy, that is backed up by our guarantee.

Most Importantly this entire service is backed by our “Drain Cleaning Services in Katy“! You cannot lose with us, so call now.

My top 3 ways to greatly reduce the risk of having a drain problem NOW, and preventing one in the future!

  • STOP putting wipes , or any disposal rags down the drain. I realize that the advertisements say they are flushable, we respond to at least 38 service calls a month that says otherwise.
  • Garbage disposals work great for clearing a plate, however they have their limitations. If you ask yourself “I WONDER IF THIS IS A GOOD IDEA “, that is a clue that you should stop. Never empty an entire n at once. Be very careful with putting too much sta, rice, and green leafy vegetables . Keep your blades on the disposal sharp by allowing the motor to grind up ice cubes on a monthly basis.
  • If your home was built prior to 1981, you should be using Biosmart for your kitchen, bathtub, laundry, and bathroom sink drain. Unlike acid based drain cleaners that create problems for your drains by destroying the inner walls of the pipe, clients who use biosmart do not call us for Drain Cleaning Services in Katy problems.

If you are in need of Drain Cleaning Services in Katy or toilet reir services , please contact us today at Precision YLB Plumbing. And remember, NO CHARGE IF WE FAIL TO CLEAR YOUR Drain Cleaning Services in Katy!